About Us

Cheshire Homes were established in Nigeria by those who bought into the vision of Captain Leonard

The first home was opened in Ibadan by the late Justice Sir Adetokunbo Ademola in 1959. The establishment of this home named Oluyole Cheshire Home (for the handicapped) Ibadan marked the beginning of Cheshire services in Nigeria. Shortly after, in 1961, another Cheshire Home was established in Lagos, followed by Enugu Home in 1962, then in Orlu in 1968 and Port Harcourt Home in 1973. These five Homes formed Leonard Cheshire Foundation Nigerian (LCFN).

*LIEPO is the convenient acronym formed from the initials of the five Cheshire failities: Lagos, Ibadan, Enugu, Port Harcour, Orlu. This does not represent the founding order of the Homes.

The Founder's Concept

It is central to leonard Cheshire aspiration that each home that is opened should be autonomous while conforming to certain basic concepts. In this way the Foundation is able to give maximum encouragement and help when needed, but exerts the minimum of interference.

In line with the Founder's vision each of these five homes has a distinct character of its own and adapting to the needs of the locality in which it is situated.

Our Aim

The aim of *LIEPO Cheshire Disability Homes, Nigeria is to help people with disability live a full complement of life and acquire education or vocational training as their God-given ability permits


In the furtherance of her vision Leonard Cheshire Disability (Nigeria) registered with the Corpoate Affairs Commission as a charitable Non Governmental Organization (NGO) under the name LIEPO Cheshire Disability Homes. L (Lagos), I (Ibadan), E (Enugu), P (Port Harcourt), O (Orlu).