Cheshire Homes aim first and foremost to provide an atmosphere as close as possible to that of a family home. Great emphasis is placed on protecting the dignity and the rights of each individual to live their lives in the way they wish and a desire for privacy is always respected. At the same time great efforts are made to encourage residents to make the best possible use of their potential, and to help them, within the limits of their disability, to live purposeful, useful and outgoing lives. Where possible, residents assist in the running of their Home in various ways.

CHESHIRE HOME is a place of shelter physically and of encouragement spiritually; a place in which the residents can acquire a sense of belonging and of ownership by contributing in any way Within their capabilities to its functioning and development; a place to share with others, and from which to help others less fortunate; a place in which to gain confidence and develop independence and interests; a place of hopeful endeavour and not of passive disinterest.

Our Mission

To work with people with disabilities throughout the world, regardless of their colour, race or creed by providing the conditions necessary for their physical, mental and spiritual well-being. We believe that each person, whatever his or her disability is a uniquely valuable individual and that people with disabilities should have the personal freedom to pursue their aspirations and take their own place in the world

Our Vision

Creating opportunity for persons living with disabilities


The Leonard Cheshire Foundation International based in London and funded by voluntary donations, offers support and guidance to all homes, services and new projects outside the UK. This support includes obtaining and providing grants for capital projects and other developments. In partnership with Homes and services, the International Office has developed training programmes for staff, families and community helpers working with disabled people in order to raise standards of care and rehabilitation and to help the Homes and services improve and develop. It also organizes seminars, conferences, and workshops. The courses are adapted to suit local requirements and the training materials are often translated into local languages.

The Home is run and supported entirely by voluntary donations and subvention from the Government of Oyo State.